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Most Beautiful Towns
Titul: Most Beautiful Towns
Autor: Viera Dvořáková, Daniel Kollár
Naša cena: 5,97 €
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Jazyk: anglický
Technické údaje: 2007, poč. strán: 128, rozmer: 160 x 235 mm, väzba: mäkká
Vydavateľ: DAJAMA
ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-89226-40-5
Novinka: nie
Na sklade: nie
Vypredané: áno
O titule:
Another part of the new edition Cultural Heritage of Slovakia is this second title, Most Beautiful Towns. This choice was no accident, as Slovakia is a country of splendid towns. A wealth of history has left remarkable impressions on their appearance and architecture. We have incorporated into the publication those sites whose centres have been declared town memorial preserves. Some of these are also part of the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, reflecting their great importance to both Slovak and international culture. Due to their urban configurations and integration into the natural environment, they form unique scenes.
This book attempts to serve as a guide to the most beautiful Slovak towns (except Štiavnické Bane, a rural community, and Spišská Kapitula and Spišská Sobota which are boroughs). The aim is to provide the reader a comprehensive image of each place prior to visiting. The presentation of each town begins with its history and continues with a walking tour of its most interesting locales. The text highlights various points of interest related to the town, its population and history. Historic postcards, plans, maps and of course current photographs are also included.